Meet Mary Vendetti

Mary’s Kitchen is a unique, fun, cookbook website provided by me, Mary Vendetti!

I have experience cooking a wide array of dishes and entrees. Whether you’re in the mood for fresh pasta, or you’re trying to dine low carb, I have the background and the expertise!

I am the proud mother of 4 sons who were educated for the most part in Catholic Schools and like most Catholic schools they were ran in big part by volunteers. I’ve spent most of my life working in and with those schools, from teaching preschool to running junior high dances, youth ministry, open houses, school auctions, and the school kitchen. I was a stay at home mom and support to my husband and his career as a Venture Capitalist. I planned and implemented all events for clients and coworkers, facilitated multi-day corporate events, dinner parties, holiday parties for clients and their children. I’ve also sat on many boards for church and schools over the years. Community service and hospitality has always been a huge part of my life raising the boys and still is.

Cooking has been a love of mine. In my twenties I was fortunate enough to be trained in old world Italian cooking by my Uncle Hank who owned Vendetti’s Restaurant in Marina Del Rey California. He passed down his recipes from his Grandmother to me. He would come over to the house and throw out what I was cooking (teasing me as he went) then take me to the market down the road where we would shop for only the freshest and best items (items that my husband and I raising 3 boys under 5 years old at the time could never afford). He would buy fresh seafood, vegetables, meats, and cheeses, teaching me how and what to choose along the way. We would take them back to the kitchen and create our masterpieces side by side, making sure everything was done to his perfection. He was a tough old Italian with a big heart that was only shown to few, luckily for me I was one of those few. In the beginning he was quite a handful, but as time went on I learned to love every minute of our time spent together. It was tough love in that kitchen, but I learned from the best! I have always loved to cook. I started winning awards at a very early age in school, but Uncle Hank turned my home cooking into a whole new Italian creation. He is gone now but his legacy will live forever as I have and will continue to pass his recipes down to my own sons, and to theirs.

I’m known by family and friends for my Italian cooking, putting together parties at a moments notice, working with children and bringing fun into the kitchen. Be sure to inquire about my Italian specialities if you enjoy Italian cuisine yourself.

Coronado Personal Chef - Mary Vendetti