Mary's No Crust Mini Quiche Mary’s No Crust Mini Quiche These quiche are wonderful for brunch, parties, picnics or breakfast on the go! I will often make extra and freeze them to enjoy throughout the week. Ingredients: 6 Large Fresh Eggs 1/2 cup Milk (I often use goat’s milk) 1-2 tsp Sriracha depending on desired heat Salt and Pepper, to taste 1/2 medium Onion, chopped 1 Hot Italian Sausages,... Continue Reading Pork & Prawn Spring Rolls Pork & Prawn Spring Rolls We all know and love our spring rolls and/or egg rolls. They are not only an American favorite in Asian cuisine but truly loved all throughout Southeast Asia as well. You can find this delicious appetizer on every menu from the food huts on the streets to the finest restaurants in Thailand. This is a classic Thai recipe made of... Continue Reading Halibut Piccata / Chicken Piccata I just returned from Alaska and it happened to be halibut season! There is nothing better than fresh Alaskan halibut and this is the time of year to take advantage of it. Halibut piccata is cooked in the same way as chicken piccata but takes a bit less time to prepare because the fish cooks quicker. I love this... Continue Reading Recipe: Honey Sriracha Chicken Wings Wings are and always will be a family favorite in my home. It doesn’t matter what time of year, sporting events, backyard barbecues, beach parties or picnics in the park everybody loves wings! Ingredients: 4 lbs chicken wings (drumettes) 2 tbs olive oil 3 tbs garlic, minced Sea salt & fresh ground pepper to taste Glaze: Mix all ingredients below and... Continue Reading Maple Glazed Carrots with Prosciutto & Pecans Maple Glazed Carrots with Prosciutto & Pecans This vegetable dish is a beautiful side to any holiday meal. The sweet maple, prosciutto and pecans accompanied by the beautiful carrots are simply delicious! Ingredients: 3/4 lbs small/medium fresh organic carrots with tops; peel, clean and leave about 1/2 inch green top on 1/4 cup thinly sliced prosciutto 3 Tbs Olive oil 3 Tbs Butter 3 Tbs orange juice... Continue Reading Eggplant Parmesan Eggplant Parmesan Ingredients: 2 lg eggplants, sliced into 1/4 inch discs Marinara sauce 1 lb Fresh mozzarella, sliced or shredded 1 lb Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese/Parmesan cheese, shredded 2-3 cups Italian Breadcrumbs, I prefer Progresso 2 lg eggs, beaten Sea Salt & Fresh Ground Pepper to taste Fresh chopped Basil for Garnish Directions: Prepare your marinara sauce. Rinse and slice eggplant... Continue Reading
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